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Leader's speech

Leader's speech

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Dear employee friends:


Welcome to join Dejiali, we are fortunate to have the opportunity of sincere cooperation with you. In the years to come, we will build our common cause on the basis of mutual trust and mutual understanding.

If you are good at absorbing the experience of others and good at cooperating with others, you may improve quickly. If you close yourself and always worry about overwhelming your results, you will backfire. A rapidly growing company cannot make progress without high-quality employees. The company will conduct various education and training in a planned way, hoping to help you in your self-improvement and self-improvement. The company advocates self-learning and welcomes you to become a member of a learning organization. At the same time, I hope you can cherish resources and develop good habits of saving. In order for you to become a noble person, a respected person, I hope you can exercise self-discipline.

Some of the company’s various systems and managements may still be unreasonable to a certain extent. We will continue to make amendments to make them more reasonable and perfect, but you must strictly abide by them before formal amendments.

As an ordinary employee, learn to do things. As a middle and high-level cadre, you must not only learn to do things, but also learn to be a person and be a responsible person.

The seas flow across the ocean, and the hero is true; the heroes compete, and the courage will only aspire! Facing the broad development prospects of private enterprises, we believe that in your continuous learning and hard work, you will surely achieve brilliant results with Dejiali In the future, let us work together to hold up the sun of tomorrow.

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