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Merchants to join

Merchants to join

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I.Ideal Partners

1.Those who have certain business background and experience and are familiar with the local market.

2.Those who have certain economic entity, investment capability and well-deserved reputation.

3.Those who understand and trust our products and can reach agreements with us.

4.Those who have correct cognition and sufficient mental preparation on the dual character of investment risk and profit.

5.Those who own legal personality and lawful operation qualification.

II.Storefront Requirements

1.The location and area of storefront: franchisees can select the sites by themselves and our company will provide suggestions, survey and analysis. The two sides can negotiate with each other. The basic standard is to realize the benefit maximization of franchisees and win-win cooperation between the two sides.

2.Storefront decoration: to decorate as our normative decoration scheme to keep unified image of the brand (franchisees can select from such three overall patterns as ordinary decoration, refined decoration and concept decoration.).

3.Office equipment: we will are install all equipments for franchisees except the telephone lines and teach all personnel in the franchisee to use them. (If the franchisees cannot install telephone lines, we will help them by charging reasonable expense.)

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