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Paint dealers how to open up the market

The next few years, the development of space coating market remains strong. But due to the impact of rising costs, upgrade brand competition and other factors, in order to further explore the market,
07 2019/05

Coatings enterprises in order to break through a tight encirclement

Competition is the theme of this era, paint enterprises how to win in the competition? What is the fundamental factor affecting competition? These have become coatings enterprises need to face in the
07 2019/05

The development status of powder coatings

Powder coating as a solvent free, no volatile solvent in the coating process, suitable for the requirements of environmental protection: eruption powder Recyclable reuse in the painting process, to sa
07 2019/05

False coating industry in malignant tumor

Do not know from when to rise, "MadeinChina" logo has quietly spread all over the world, China manufacturing has become a culture, a kind of image. However, in recent years, Chinese manufacturing prod
07 2019/05

How to realize the sustainable and stable development of coatings enterprises

According to media reports, Tencent insiders Micro message number of users has exceeded 600000000! Micro message overseas business might be independent development. I "Micro message at the beginning o
07 2019/05

In small and medium-sized development dilemma road in He Fang?

With the deepening of reform and opening-up, the overall economic development presents the downward trend, increasingly fierce market competition environment, more and more mature industry, many indus
07 2019/05
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