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False coating industry in malignant tumor

(Summary description)Do not know from when to rise, "MadeinChina" logo has quietly spread all over the world, China manufacturing has become a culture, a kind of image. However, in recent years, Chinese manufacturing prod

False coating industry in malignant tumor

(Summary description)Do not know from when to rise, "MadeinChina" logo has quietly spread all over the world, China manufacturing has become a culture, a kind of image. However, in recent years, Chinese manufacturing prod


Do not know from when to rise, "MadeinChina" logo has quietly spread all over the world, China manufacturing has become a culture, a kind of image. However, in recent years, Chinese manufacturing products in the international market frequently encountered quality gate, poisonous toothpaste, toys containing lead, excessive antibiotic aquatic products and a series of events, "China manufacturing" is facing an unprecedented crisis of confidence.

That shouldn't be the case. No one familiar China products, Chinese conditions, is not possible to conclude that. Quality problems of some western media hype Chinese product, apparently have an ulterior motive. But another fact is, at present, the domestic manufacturing industry is being spread to all walks of life.

In the coating industry as an example, our existing paint brands have more than 30, production has more than 8000 enterprises, and the paint market is still more suitable for ordinary consumers in the end. "". With the constant exposure to the paint industry of false news in recent years, the personage inside course of study says: "fraud has become a public nuisance of paint industry".

Reasons for false coating industry

The paint industry fraud why repeated? Is the low cost, high profit and fraud related to, or associated with the consumption environment?

In the opinion of the paint industry insiders, interest driven by illegal and low cost are the fundamental reasons for coating of fraud. A workshop, several workers can create a year several hundred thousand dollars or even millions of yuan income. Counterfeiters are mostly rented is the integration of urban and rural residents, not only low cost, but the owner generally no sign the rental contract, no valid identity for tenant registration, provides convenience for checking false. Plus some bad printing in the printing is not required to provide valid qualification, make people easily get fake imitation brand product packaging.

From the paint products, because the paint is finished, do the shape is very simple, but specific to how the quality need to tie in with the construction just know, seemingly unable to distinguish authenticity, once opened the barrel after consumers find it is fake because it is difficult to confirm the purchase is from the merchant's primary products rather than replacement products, is also very difficult to accountability to relevant responsibility person of counterfeits. And if caught, compared to the profit, the illegal cost is much lower, led to a lot of people continue to sell false false.

In addition to these special false ones, and some enterprises false. Chinese several thousand paint manufacturers, but most paint products is no brand, in order to achieve the purpose of sales, they only put into famous brand product packaging, yijiachongzhen.

Some buying fake people also stimulated the development of the coatings industry fraud. Some in order to reduce the cost to maximize the profit of the guerrillas or foreman, will be required to buy fake paint for the owners to buy the paint at. The market in the industry, some people ask to cheaper brands.

Some agents may be brand paint manufacturers to thin profits, with the cost of rent, labor prices, not to make money agents there may be false, such as 10 barrels of paint with a bucket of lacquer, in order to reduce the cost of. These are the direct causes of industry fraud rampant.

In addition to the counterfeiters directly as brand products, boundaries and some counterfeiters deliberately vague and brand products, or add the word, in the brand by word, when confused consumers will buy them as genuine home.

Consumers also to have a superficial knowledge of knowledge and for coating provides living space. Many consumers to paint the lack of knowledge, although buy brand products, often even basic properties of brand products do not understand, it is easy to be foreman or seller. While figure cheap psychology is to provide false maximum survival soil.

Paint products why hit repeatedly repeatedly

In order to safeguard the interests of businesses and consumers, businesses do sufficient time in anti-counterfeiting. Some enterprises to upgrade security labels, increase the anti fake function more, increase the authenticity of the method call. At the same time, upgrade of packaging barrels, increase the difficulty of counterfeiters, to further increase the security dynamics.

Enterprise management and control on the dealer must be strictly. The company for different sales channels which series of products have strict requirements, and in agreement with the dealer in the contract, if a violation of the company's trademark rights or selling fake, the penalty of up to one million yuan. There are a number of enterprises established a special anti-counterfeiting department, the staff often looked around, found and will jointly relevant departments fake. Although the effect is not small, but sometimes also very helpless.

Selling the paint industry is very secret, businesses only put a bucket of lacquer in the shop, intended to inform those who want to buy fake people: "I have here." In this case, even if caught, with few in number, business nearly not affected by what punishment. Some market even found them is the enterprise strike force, prohibit their admission fake.

Although paint products - hit, but it is still difficult to eliminate, and now the false means more and more bring forth the new through the old, inferior paint under the banner of "environmental health" signs, the falsification means are more deeply, more subtle direction.

This, industry insiders suggestions, fake should concentrate on, and form a joint effort, reduce the cost of fraud. At the same time, take the fake and counterfeiting with normal assault, not only to combat counterfeiting dens, also want to punch and selling dens, compression falsification living space. In regions where conditions permit, the full integration of resources, use of the association, chamber of Commerce organizations geographical advantages, to hit the target precisely.

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